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How to become rich ?

Mainly these are the options :

1.The rain of money (which only possible in dreams)

2.To born in rich family (we can't born twice we born at once so we can't do anything)

3.To study more and become intelligent (read as much as was read)

4.To marry a rich girl (this is also a fate of fortune)

5.Find treasure from the ground (this time was gone )

6.If any rich person adopts you (this opportunity is available only to orphans)

7.If all your friends are wealthy rich then 

8.If your are very good-looking and smart (working in movie or a tv show)

When these options are finished, then one option sums up: they are Network Marketing/MLM.

Network Marketing: No age, caste, sex, education do not matter. All networks can do marketing, it should be hard work.

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Active Income vs Passive Income 

Active income: Active income is the amount in which you will get income of the day you work.

Passive income: Passive income is that in which once your business is set up, even if you are not working then also your income will continue.

Team work
Infinite Income
Time Freedom
No office space required
Support of Seniors & Uplines


Individual effort
Fix Income
Income only when active routine life
Bussiness on credit & Risk
Required physical Space,office
High Invesement

MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

We can also call network marketing / direct selling / multi level marketing (mlm).

In this, the manufactures from which the product is manufactured, supply the direct distributor and then after that the product gets directly to the customer and if you sell or refer your product to customers and you also get some% of amount.

We are selling products and we are not making any "fools".

Now our country has also recognized network marketing / MLM.

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The most important is to be involved in the right company. Some companies are fraud that comes from the public with the ability to run away with money.You will first have to understand that the company is selling network marketing/mlm or (product / service).

Fraud network marketing/mlm companies: do not have a product, their products are just names or to show that we are a product based company and that's just rigging. While doing so many people make the crores and after some years the company runs away and whoever is newly linked to that company, all the money were sank.

But it does not happen that fraud companies rob.

If your company is selling network marketing/mlm. So you will encounter a lot of problems, you will not be satisfied with Company's products because company is selling network marketing/mlm (product / service).

Real network marketing/mlm companies: are based on product research which are valued in the market.

Selling only Network Marketing/MLM

If any company gives you one coat and pant with 'n' number of 
e-commerce in $210 which have no value in market and the certificates given by then also has no use in job. 

We all are Mi user not iPhone users so we cannot afford such a costly coat.

Selling Product

If one company gives you e-commerce, personality development, house hold (fmcg) products, holiday packages, discount voucher and many more then it is in product based mlm company you can join their network marketing/mlm company.

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Hard Working People

10% of the people in every network marketing company earn the most. Others do all the medium and low earnings so, seeing this, the public says that they have been for many years.

Those people who earn as much as they earned, we will never ask them.

Now you tell that if every person was working together, then all of them would come first?

Is this possible?


So, it is useless to say that some people become rich. If you work hard in network marketing, you too can become rich. It does not happen that the person who has joined earlier can become rich. Even before that, people would have joined and other people would have joined before those people too.

Nobody gets time to become rich in one setback. Likewise, you have to give time to network marketing, you have to work hard. Then after 1 year you will get the result then you will not need to work hard. After all, your down line will be working and your income will work harder.

Another most popular dialogue is that people do not get to join.  

China, India, United States are top 3 populated countries and you speak that people do not get to join?

Review of  Friends/Relatives

Unless you have understood your friends or relatives about the product by then everything will be right as soon as you say it to him (or you get the opportunity to do business as well as purchasing a product)

My friend, whose name is Nelson, he is also doing marketing. He keeps referring to a haircut shop to his friends but the shopkeeper does not give him the advertisement money. Still he keeps doing marketing of that shop.

My another friend named mayank, who have tuition classes. He has spoken to every child that if you join more children in the tuition by referring them then your fee will be reduced and he is saying that we are making fools so what he is doing??

They judge beforehand without full hearing. You are selling the product and you get some % of amount on every one sell. You are not making someone fool. You are selling products not forcing them to purchase it or it is compulsory to purchase its your wish to purchase or not. 


Success never gets overnight, never becomes richer in one day. After 2-3 years of hard work, then the result comes. So learn to be patient, not just in network marketing, it is the same everywhere. 

Your upline tells you that 80% of the rejection is received, but in reality, 95% of the rejection is received. Everyone is frightened that the network is marketing fraud/scam every year some network marketing company gets shut down and disappears overnight.


If you ever want to be a successful person in life, then remove status words from your life.This word is poisonous even more dangerous.

I have a friend names Dhrumil he had to own a KTM bike. Now he says that he will purchase second hand Bajaj Pulsar bike, because he has no status to purchase KTM. He use to works at center for 12 hour instead of 8 hours to get promotion but how much he works hard he will not satisfied with his paycheck and can not fulfilled his dreams.

Let's dream, there is no money to dream about. 

It does not happen that if you see Audi in the dream tonight, $50,000 will be withdraw from your bank account tomorrow morning !!

It happens ?

Yes or NO

What are the rich people of the world, were they born with ability or status? 

They know that he would go ahead and become a billionaire? 

Until we do not dream, we will not even try to fulfill those dreams.

If there are no dreams, then nothing will happen. We do not see dreams just before all dreams break, by saying that we are not able to fulfill our dreams.

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Reason to do Network Marketing/MLM

Being involved in network marketing/mlm, we also have to buy those products. But everyone says that by paying the money, what would be the job if he did better?

But they should understand that you are not buying the Business Opportunity, you are buying Products, which gives you business opportunity.

Did you go to school, college and tuition, what did spend millions?

You have got to earn money by doing a job, neither in network marketing/mlm, you are getting a product by paying a few thousand rupees and getting a chance to do business. 

Do you pay millions of rupees just for job and you can make money by just network marketing by paying thousands of rupees and you say that it is job of making fool ?

No bank's policy will be such that you invest once and earn a lifetime and your income will continue to grow every month.

If you have a young age, and if you have something happened died in accident then who will see your family?

From where they get the money for their basic needs?

There source of income was only you who was not now then?

Even if you have been spending in network marketing/mlm for a year, and worked hard then even after your death, your family will continue to get the money.

Network Marketing Facts

1.In this industry, you write your income cheque yourself.

2.If you are diligent then your job is safe

3. You can get a huge return with very small investments.

4.There is no fixed time of work.

5.You can set up your network marketing in any of the open market, city, separately.

6.Even after death, your family will continue to get the money.

7.You can make contact with most people.

World's biggest fool


World's richest person Bill Gates said that if all his wealth, possessions, everything would be lost then he will start his business with network marketing.

Now people with negative thought will say that this is 1 year old news Jeff Bezos become the world's richest person.

So did you get more success than Bill Gates?

Are you the world's second richest person?


Now let's talk about Jeff Bezos of the World's richest person. Once you open in the ending page of the page, it will be written "Make Money With us".


In Make Money With us you can Sell The Products By Amazon. You can do advertisement of your products. If you are Youtuber/Blogger/App Developer/Page in FB or Insta/Tweeter then you can do Affiliate Marketing also.

If you would refer amazon's products to anyone and he purchase some products referred by your ads or link, you get 12% of advertisement fees from amazon and also get some percentage of amount on every product.

So, whit is it?

Until the name of a person in India is not taken, no business is compete and he is the legend of India Shri Dhirubhai Ambani.

In one of the Reliance company's conference, he had a talk that to earn money education is not required and he showed us and then that time he is the richest person in India now his son take place Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Thank you so much to give your time to this article ...

Note: Please share this post to your friends and relatives who want to come to network marketing / mlm or Already is in network marketing / mlm and share them first who are negative about network marketing / mlm.

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